Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with our very own take on an Irish classic – introducing the Lost Years Irish Coffee.

Purists might suggest this is more a Caribbean coffee than an Irish one, being made with rum, but our Arribada bottling is a pure and unadulterated blend of 5-8 year old Latin American rums, tropically aged in ex-Bourbon casks. As a result it has quite a dry, oaky finish which is going down a storm with whiskey lovers!

We think Joe Sheridan, the man who created the original Irish Coffee in 1943, would have approved – but you can be the judge of that.

Pour 50ml of our limited edition Arribada Cask Aged rum into a heat proof glass or warmed mug, then add 15ml of demerara syrup and stir in. Next, add 100ml of freshly made Arabica coffee and finish with a float of lightly whipped cream (pour it over the back of a spoon and don’t stir again).

Check out our Instagram Reel for a quick-fire video tutorial by @drinksanddan.

Make sure you use good quality organic Arabica coffee – a freshly ground and brewed medium roast is perfect – as this is the centrepiece of the drink. You can try other types of coffee, but you‘ll want to avoid anything too bitter. And make sure it’s hot before beginning!

The demerara syrup adds a lovely toasty caramel/toffee flavour to the drink – complementing the aged spirit, fine coffee and smooth cream. It’s a decadent delight!

Give it a try and tell us what you think.

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