When we launched Lost Years Rum at the height of lockdown in November 2020, we started with a very simple and clear purpose - to save a million endangered sea turtles.

Fast-forward exactly three years and we're delighted to share the news that - following our latest quarterly payment to our global charity partner SEE Turtles - we have so far generated enough money to save a staggering 100,000 baby sea turtles! 

Just think of all those gorgeous little creatures beginning their own journey into the 'lost years' (the name comes from the mysterious early years of a sea turtle's life!!) as a direct result of your purchases. What a great way to celebrate our third birthday!

Remember, every single drop of Lost Years Rum raises money for this important cause – we make a donation for every bottle sold, so you can help save sea turtles one delicious sip at a time.

That cash is being used right now to fund and support a wide variety of community-based conservation projects across key nesting sites in Latin America, the Caribbean and beyond. You can learn more about some of these here on our blog (more success stories coming soon) or by following our friends SEE Turtles.

We're only just getting going, but a sincere and heart felt thank you to all of you who have bought our rum and helped make our dream come true. It means the world.

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