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An exceptional unadulterated golden rum – classically Caribbean with a twist!

Our multi award-winning signature bottling, Four Island, is a union of world-class single estate rums from four sun-kissed Caribbean islands.

Featuring three barrel-aged rums - from Jamaica, Barbados and the Dominican Republic – and a beautiful unaged Rhum Agricole from Guadeloupe, it’s a multi-faceted rum which delivers a truly unique flavour profile, but one that remains classically Caribbean.

- Sourced from some of the most revered rum distilleries in the world

- Tropically aged in lightly-charred bourbon barrels

- A combination of pot & column still rums deliver on flavour

- Made from molasses & fresh sugar cane juice

- No added sugar, spices or flavouring

- No colouring added to make the rum darker than it really is

- Vegan-friendly & gluten free

- 100% plastic-free eco packaging

- Every bottle sold saves endangered sea turtles

With the rich, oaky flavours of great cask aged rum, aromatic notes of naturally sweet molasses and tropical fruits, and the vibrant and grassy freshness of fresh sugarcane juice, it’s perfect as a stand-alone sipper, served with cola or ginger beer, or as the main event in a wide range of cocktails.

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