Working with our global charity partner SEE Turtles, we already support a wide range of sea turtle-focused conservation projects right across the tropics.  Many of these are in the Caribbean and Latin America, but an increasing number are further afield. 

One of those is on the Ivory Coast in West Africa. Since 2014 Conservation des Espèces Marines has been carrying out a community management project for the protection of sea turtles, raising awareness among local communities and drastically reducing the human threat to sea turtles in that part of the world. 

In a new project, funded through SEE Turtles’ Billion Baby Turtles initiative, which we support, 10 local people are employed to collect and recycle the large amounts of plastic waste found on nesting beaches - particularly the plastic fishing nets that have accumulated mainly in rock reefs for many years.

This is just one of the many ways we’re making a difference to our blue planet.

📸 Photo credit Conservation des Especes Marines.

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