We all know that rum and chocolate are a winning combination and so, during the run up to Easter, we’ve been searching for the perfect match for our wonderful unadulterated Caribbean & Latin American rums.

We searched the length and breadth of the UK and eventually found our perfect partner in Devon’s southernmost town, Salcombe, which was once a busy trading port for ships carrying fruit, cacao, sugar and rum.

The team at Salcombe Dairy make award winning bean-to-bar chocolate at their base in Island Street. They source organic, fairly traded cacao from the Peruvian rainforest and turn it into a range of beautiful hand-crafted chocolate bars.  Called simply The Bar, they’re named after the sand spit mentioned in Tennyson’s famous poem, ‘Crossing The Bar’.

Here’s what we recommend as a pairing for each of our Lost Years rums:

  • Four Island – for our signature aged rum we’ve chosen Dark Chocolate with Cacao Nibs. Made with 67% cacao, it’s a perfect match which picks up on the caramelised sugar notes and touches of toffee, oak chips and dusty cacao which characterise this rum.
  • Arribada – for our limited edition Latin American rum we’ve selected Dark Chocolate with Ginger. Made with 73% cacao, it’s a dream date for our warm, mellow oak-aged rum and perfectly marries the fruity spiciness of the rum.
  • Silver Moon – for our signature unaged rum we’ve chosen White Chocolate Vanilla. This sweet, moreish bar complements without overpowering the subtle cocktail of flavours that come from this light, easy-drinking rum, including sugarcane, sweet molasses, liquorice, butterscotch and burnt caramel.
  • Navy Strength – for our strong unaged rum we’ve picked This is a very dark chocolate with a punchy 86% cacao. The slight bitterness of the chocolate contrasts wonderfully with the natural sweetness of this higher ABV rum.

So why not ditch the egg this year and try a bar or two of chocolate heavy with one of our lovely rums? 

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