It's #seaturtleweek!

One of the larger species of sea turtles, the Loggerhead turtle ranges from 200-400 pounds in weight and measures up to 4 feet in length. They can live for up to 50 years. 

Loggerheads are found in every ocean around the world. Only leatherbacks have a wider distribution.

The largest concentration of nesting occurs on Masirah Island, off the coast of Oman in the Middle East. In the Pacific, their main nesting grounds include Japan and Australia. In the Atlantic, the main concentration occurs in Florida. They are also the most common species in the Mediterranean, nesting on beaches in Greece, Turkey, and Israel.

They are named for their large head and strong crushing jaw, which enables them to eat hard-shelled prey such as crabs, conchs, and whelks.

Photo credits: Ticiana Fettermann

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